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Take Your Flight with


Yankee Balloons

Since 1978

Over 40 years of fun


Champagne Flights

We offer shared basket and private flights for 2. Both conclude with a champagne celebration once we land. The Damn Yankee flies AM and PM flights in Maine, central Massachusetts, and Woodstock Connecticut, weekly May-October. Other areas are available, give us a call for details.


A tethered ride is when the balloon is tied down and lifts off the ground, hovers above the ground for several minutes, but does not launch and fly away. This service is great for festivals, events or even parties.


Walk throughs

The Walk Through Balloon is a real fabric balloon that is modified to stay inflated on the ground in order for kids to play inside the huge colorful envelope. Great for young and older children, teen dance parties, community events, etc.

Shared basket

The best things in life are meant to be shared. the other passengers on your flight are just friends you have not met yet. Come join us for an experience of a lifetime.

Flight tickets are $250 in Maine and $300 in Connecticut per person, children under 10 years old are $200 in Maine and $250 in Connecticut each.


Your Pilot

Derald Young

Derald started his career in the 1960s while attending the University of Maine. He received his private fixed wing pilot's license in 1970. In 1971 he saw his first balloon and he was hooked! Derald served as a naval flight officer for the U.S. Navy and then returned to his family home in the Bangor, Maine area.

He learned to fly Hot Air Balloons and started Damn Yankee Balloons Inc., which offered passenger flights and student instructions.

In 1985 Derald set a record as the very first pilot to cross Northumberland Straight in a Hot Air Balloon, which lies between New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, Canada. He flew 13 Miles over ocean and landed on Prince Edward Island's Towering Cliffs.

Since that time he has flown over 3,000 hours in 10 U.S. states and 6 Canadian Provinces. His biggest thrill still is sharing the wonderment of the first flight with new passengers.

Derald met his wife Joy while Ballooning in Vermont over a decade ago, and together they reside in Dixfield, Maine.

Damn Yankee Balloons provides aerial advertising for local and national businesses, walkthrough balloon and tethered balloon ride events in the eastern part of the U.S. and Canada. We fly passengers in our 8 or 4 passenger balloons, in Maine and CT/MA area every week, June - October each year.


Contact Us

241 Weld St
Dixfield, ME 04224, USA

o(207) 562-7562‬

c(207) 689-8981

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Hey Guys,


Truly enjoyed my FIRST balloon ride Saturday night from Shrewsbury.

Looking forward to a return ride in a month or so.


Thanks so very much for letting me help Ken and learn how this is all done.

Nice piloting Derald, really enjoyed everything.


Take care,


Hi, you landed in my yard tonight, just wanted to drop a line thanking you again for the champagne, very nice of you! My kids really got a kick out of it, not something they see every day. Hope your clients enjoyed their flight and I'm glad you were able to safely put down. Safe flying! Thanks!

Our balloon festival had 40 successful years, before the rotary club decided it was finally too much for the aging club to continue to facilitate.

Over the final five years each Festival averaged 14,000 attendees. For the 2017 and 2018 festivals we contracted with Derald and Joy Young of Damn Yankee balloons which, consequently, was one of the best decisions I made as chairman. 


Damn Yankee balloon company stands far above any balloon company I have previously worked with.

I was and am in awe of the professionalism and reliability they provide. Their word is their bond and can be trusted."


Cameron Ennis Esq.

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